Negociants New Zealand Trade Portal

Negociants New Zealand Trade Portal

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You may have already heard this very exciting news but if not, we are pleased to announce that Negociants New Zealand now has a new online ordering system!

The Negociants New Zealand Trade Portal launched in April after extensive testing to ensure that it is user-friendly, convenient and informative for our customers. Once set up with the assistance of your account manager, you will be able to place your order at any time during the day or night.

Through your portal, you are able to peruse the entire Negociants portfolio, including all wine, beer & cider, water, fortifieds & spirits and accessories. The navigation feature will enable to you to filter by brand, style, variety, vintage, region and even pack size. Or you can simply start typing the brand name in the search bar and it will start bringing up relevant products. How convenient is that!

When browsing products, there is a bottle shot, full description of the product, including vintage if it is a wine, bottle size and carton size, trade price per bottle and case price ex GST. When the product is selected there is also more technical information, such as what type of closure e.g. Screw Cap or Cork, the region, Alc/Vol, Total Acid and pH and of course a full tasting note which can be downloaded, along with information about the producer and region.

You will also see stock availability indicators against some products, where products are sold out, have low stock or a few remaining cases. And at the bottom, there is a slider with other products available from that producer should you be interested.

It is then very easy to order – you simply input how many bottles or cases you want and click on the "Add to Cart" button.

You are also able to add specific products as your ‘favourites’ by clicking on the star in the top right hand corner. This is a fantastic feature for our on premise customers in particular who can build a regular order list based on their wine list. But for everyone, it will allow you to build a list of products that you regularly purchase. Your favourites can then easily be viewed on the home page where they will appear at the bottom or through the account menu.

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There is also another option called ‘Rapid Order’ where the system selects your most popular and most recent purchases creating a customised order form and you can simply select which products in the list you would like to re-order.

The checkout process is very simple, much like other online ordering platforms. You can decide to cancel a product from your order here, or change the quantity ordered. The price for each product will be shown prior to completing the order. You will then be taken through to the default payment details and delivery instructions and any changes to this information can be made here prior to sending the order. There is also the ability to check on the status of your order and report back any issues.

Another great feature that is available through the trade portal, is the ability to check your account balance and pay your account. Not only will you be able to see the total amount owing, you will be able to view your orders for the last 12 months and print statements and invoices. There is also an option to securely store your credit card details for more convenient purchasing.

We hope that you enjoy exploring all of the features in your trade portal, as there are many more that have not been covered here including viewing deals and availability in different warehouses. There are also important terms & conditions that should be read at the bottom of the home page, as well as our privacy policy and liquor licence details.

We will continue to accept orders through the traditional routes of email, answerphone and phoning through to your account manager or our customer services team, who are always available during normal working hours to assist should you have any queries. However, we hope that the convenience of the trade portal will allow you to do business with us more effectively.

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